Ambex Concrete Technologies, Inc. (Ambex) is a company committed to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction by providing top-quality concrete solutions to the construction industry. No matter what your repair, restoration or preservation need, we pride ourselves on having the answer.

Our mission is to respond in an attentive and professional manner to our client's needs and seek the most innovative, cost-effective and economical solution for their project. This is made possible by the employees of Ambex who share a common goal-to build and maintain a strong foundation of value, performance and quality with each and every product and service we offer.

From the commonplace to the impossible, we can do it all including:
1. Self-Consolidating Concrete in bags with freeze-thaw durability
2. Anchoring capsules containing a pre-mixed, non-shrink, fast-setting grout
3. Custom mixes or products designed to meet your unique requirements
4. Rental equipment available to you on a moment's notice

We invite you to visit our Products & Services section to learn more.